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Alt Text Alt Text National Geographic Kids Magazine
Alt Text Alt Text National Geographic Kids Magazine
National Geographic Kids Magazine
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National Geographic Kids Magazine

To keep the world safe in the hands of the young

National Geographic Kids magazine is a popular edutainment magazine published by the National Geographic Society. The magazine inspires children to get to know more about the natural world. It is essential for all curious minds in exploring the wonders of exotic wildlife, discovering different cultures and interesting phenomena around the world.

A subscription to the magazine is a perfect gift you can give to your loved ones. The magazine is published 10 times a year. All the subscriptions will end automatically at the end of the subscription period and will not be renewed unless you choose to.


  • Compelling and fascinating information regarding nature, science, technology, and world culture.
  • Trustworthy and authentic source of information packed most attractively.
  • Stunning photographs, fascinating graphics, and features that help with homework.
  • Exciting features like ‚ÄėWeird But True‚Äô, ‚ÄėGuinness World Records‚Äô, and ‚ÄėBet You Didn‚Äôt Know‚Äô.
  • Includes fun puzzles, riddles, interesting posters, and quizzes.

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