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The Woodworker Magazine
The Woodworker Magazine
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The Woodworker Magazine är en brittisk tidskrift som ges ut 13 gånger per år. Priset för en årlig prenumeration inkluderar leverans till Sverige och Finland.

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For the home woodworker, who nurtures this beautiful craft, the Woodworker magazine can easily become your guide and philosopher. In circulation since 1901, the magazine is one of the best resources and trusted by many.

As a home woodworker, there are certain skills you need to cultivate yourself. The Woodworker magazine does all this and more. Tips and tricks to deal with simple as well as complicated woodworking issues, technical specifications and advices for various working media and other related information is given. Well written articles describing step-by-step tutorials to do-it-yourself, they are perfect for all stages of skill level.

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